The Two Month Break-Up Hangover

Last we spoke I had just broken up with Spain. Severed ties, called it quits, thrown in the towel – whatever euphemism you want to use except for ‘dumped’ because ‘my god Olivia, you dump trash, not people‘ as my mom always said to me growing up. And thus ensued my two month break-up hangover, which proceeded somewhat as follows:

  1. An innumerous amount of days waking up at 5AM (which shows that I too often woke up at noon in Spain) or that I was severely jet-lagged-which I prefer to cite as the cause.
  2. Morning sickness, maybe just sickness in general. Eating on such a different schedule and eating so many different foods left me feeling nauseous more often than not for the entire first month I was home.
  3. A convenient blackout of any and all bad memories of said romance with Spain, leaving only the good parts and making me miss it so terribly.
  4. An insistence on singing the Spanish version of “Bailando” horribly loud over the English version as it plays on the radio (this has yet to stop). 
  5. A daily and almost frequent quest to speak english without saying such faux pas as “I boughted those yesterday” and so on. 
  6. An almost weekly change of my facebook profile picture to show me galavanting around Europe paired with ‘miss this’ or ‘until next time’ so that all my friends can gag because living through me posting obnoxious travel pictures was hard enough the first time around let alone the second.

So how does one get over a break-up hangover of this magnitude? I don’t know, I’m still trying to figure that out. I think the fact that I’ve taken to writing again is a good sign (she’s alive!). I’m going to keep writing I think, though my life won’t be nearly as interesting, but maybe that the point. A writer doesn’t write because she is given new beauties to marvel at everyday, a writer writes because she sees the same beauties in different ways everyday- and I think theres an art to that. So in the meantime, for all your country break-up woes, I recommend some personal favorites of my own:

  • Beer battered cheese curds from The Merchant
  • Many many days at a pool of your choice
  • Some craft beer because sometimes you just don’t want whatever ‘cerveza’ is on tap ok? sometimes “Mahou” reminds you of someone’s sick take on water, and “Cruzcampo” is no better (look at me projecting negativity on Spain and it’s beers – telltale coping mechanism)
  • Just sit in air conditioning, bask in it actually, because who doesn’t want goosebumps when it’s 90 degrees outside?
  • Don’t look at too many photos or you’ll be lost to the past-changing your Facebook photo before you realize it’s totally not kosher to change it again just three day after you did before when your last wave of nostalgia hit. 

And breath, because doesn’t every break up always feel like your worst until you fall in-love with something again? 

So find your something new.

Back On-Line,





An Open Letter to Spain

Dear Spain,

It’s not you, it’s me.

When I first arrived this past September I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t expect to fall in love with the way you never sleep, how you’re constantly calling me to your outdoor cafes for a drink with friends and how you insist that a party isn’t a party unless I come home when the sun’s rising. I didn’t expect to end all my sentences with ‘vale’ or ‘venga’, to change “por favor” to “por fa” and to incorporate the dreaded ‘theta’ into my words. In all honestly, I really didn’t expect this past year I’ve had at all.

You’ve introduced me to so many new people from all over the world and never once did I have to be anyone but myself. In fact, I have to thank you: I’ve grown up because of you, I believe in myself because of you and I’ve had a year I’ll never forget because of you. You and I had our moments, at times I hated you, like when you sent me to ten different locations to find my lost abono only to tell me it was hopeless after all or when you made me search for days to find an apartment … or how about when I lost my phone? We’ve been through some rough patches, yes, but I confess that nothing made me happier this past year than seeing your lights on as I landed in Madrid after another weekend away.

They say home is where the heart is and part of my heart is right here with you, but that’s the thing, the other part is still stuck in Wisconsin. I don’t want to leave you- I don’t want to miss out on afternoons in Retiro with you, lunch at cafe de la Luz with you, days laughing with the kids at IES Isaac Albeniz with you- just the little stuff, the everyday stuff – we had a good thing going.

Somedays I’d be walking around on your streets and I’d know that I was living one of the best days of my life and you just don’t get that anywhere else. I’m scared I might never feel the same after this year with you but maybe that was the whole point of coming here in the first place.

I’ll never forget you and I hope you won’t forget me either, even if I’m only remembered as that blonde girl who used to cycle on bike 18 at Gymage or the american who volunteered at Hospital Fundación Jiménez Díaz or just Olivia: the girl from Wisconsin (that weird place in the middle-of-nowhere, USA).

To be honest, I don’t know if I’ll ever see you again, I hope so, but the 9 hour flight does complicate things.

The truth is Spain, if I could go back to 9 months ago when I first came here I would. I would do it all over again – I’d even struggle to find an apartment and lose my abono all over again, just to have a couple more days in the sun with you – but I can’t.

Today’s my last day here but I promise as my flight takes off tomorrow morning I’ll look down to see your lights on and know that you’re making someone else’s year now.





Thanks to Lorena from Sunshine and Olive Adventures  for the inspiration behind this post!

Back to Where it all Started: Granada

After my completely unreal study abroad experience in Granada I admit I was scared to go back. I had this perfect city and time preserved clearly in my mind and I didn’t want to ruin that memory. I avoided Granada like the plague. I visited Cadiz, I visited Sevilla, I visited the Sierras right next to Granada but into the city I dared not go… until a friend of mine who has lived in Spain (in Madrid) for almost 5 years admitted to me that she’s just never gotten to Granada and has been dying to go. I couldn’t have that … how could she not have seen La Alhambra? Walked down the Paseo de Los Tristes? Felt the Granadino vibe? After all I had promised my señora Pepa that I would return to see her sometime this year while I’ve been living in Madrid- so I did it, I went back- and it was honestly everything I remembered and more. I only added to the perfect memories I have of the city, and for that I feel incredibly lucky and relieved. Some of the friends I met while studying abroad took it upon themselves to make sure we had the most perfect weekend visiting the city and that made all the difference.

IMG_4982 IMG_4994 IMG_5000 IMG_0849 IMG_5022 IMG_5023 IMG_5038 IMG_5043 IMG_5044 IMG_5052 IMG_5076 IMG_0876 IMG_5103 IMG_0877 IMG_0882 IMG_0897 IMG_0889


You can always go home,


Six Tips for a Weekend Getaway to Berlin

So you’re thinking Germany? Now, where in Germany do you actually choose to visit (should you not be so lucky as to have longer than a weekend). My friend and I were epically stuck between Munich and Berlin, it was painstaking. We would be at a bar, we’d meet someone, and the conversation would flow somewhat like this: “Where am I from? Oh, the states, Chicago area, and you?” (because lets just not try to even tell people where Wisconsin is right now). Their response, “Germany” “WHERE? SHOULD WE GO TO MUNICH OR BERLIN FOR A WEEKEND?” Ensue at least half of the germans we encountered responding with, “Well, I actually don’t really know I’m from (insert city from the west or north of Germany).” To be fair that’s kind of like when I get asked “New York or California!?” Well, I’ve been to neither, but I, like most good Spaniards, choose to bluff and pretend I have been to both and offer an opinion based on things I’ve seen in the movies, I kid you not. I swear I feel like we polled the population of Madrid and we finally came up with the fact that Munich might be more shall we say “german cultural” and “digestible” while berlin is quite the “eclectic mix” and boasts some pretty incredible “history”. So, being the nerds that we are, we chose Berlin, for the history aspect of things primarily.

Lets get into my 6 tips for Berlin:

  1. STAY IN MITTE. did I shout that? yes, I internet shouted that. now do it and don’t question me. My friend and I came across this adorable apartment in Mitte which we absolutely adored (I know, two versions of adore in one sentence – you get the picture, it was cute), in fact stay there if you want: To be fair it wasn’t in central Mitte but honestly the streets it was located by were by far some of the best parts of Berlin we saw (culture wise!). Tidbit: Mitte means middle in German (low and behold), have I convinced you yet?IMG_0687
  2. Rent Bikes: I would also internet shout this at you but it feels too aggressive on this a Friday morning at 10AM. Berlin is huge. Actually overwhelmingly huge. You could spend most of your day getting lost walking to ONE place and then half of you weekend is wasted, and while sometimes “the journey is the adventure” it isn’t in this case okay? get a goll darn bike. rent it. or if you stay in the apartment I did the owner had bikes! it rocked. The city is so bike friendly. End rant, get a bike. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  3. Use your map, love your map, DON’T LOSE YOUR MAP (we had a map and we still got lost so… yes)


    Breakfast while mapping out our days

  4. REICHSTAG: GO AT NIGHT it was so incredibly cool. You have to book your time three days in advance online. So DO THAT because otherwise you won’t be able to enter the day of! IMG_0727IMG_0754IMG_0764
  5. Take a New Berlin Free Walking Tour: the one we took was incredible. It’s completely free unless you feel the tour guide did a good job (ours ROCKED) then you pay whatever you think the tour was worth at the end. 5.5: don’t stop at this “cute looking hotel” while waiting for your tour by Brandenburg Tor. It’s not a cute hotel, water is the cheapest thing on the menu and it costs 8 Euros. It’s where Obama stays, and Michael Jackson dangled his baby. Run my friends I repeat run, or you’ll be shelling out 20 euro on two waters before you leave like two unfortunate american girls I know …

    Said hotel.


  6. SEE THE EAST SIDE GALLERIE – don’t miss that ok? I presume you won’t but I’m just doing the motherly reminding, don’t miss that.



Berlin: everything it’s hyped up to be and more.


Mallorca: The Best Balearic Island

Okay, so I know I could get a lot of heat for this post, I mean “WHAT ABOUT IBIZA”?? Okay, so Ibiza, folks, I’ve been there as well, it rocked for what it is: one of the best party islands in the world. However, when it come to Mallorca, Ibiza doesn’t even compare in beauty and atmosphere. But hey, it really depends on what you’re looking for. So when it came to Mallorca, to be quite honest, I wasn’t too excited to go, sure, another island, another beach… another flight, all sounds fine but why go for it? My friends were eager to go, and so in complete honestly, I didn’t want to be left alone in Madrid for the weekend, so I went. My friend Leah and I chose an airbnb in downtown Palma, while my other two friends opted for Magaluf (which they described as “the jersey shore”, fun but nothing pretty to look at). We didn’t realize that choosing these two different lodging destinations pretty much meant we wouldn’t see each other for the entire weekend, they opted for more of a beachy experience while we opted to explore the island. Our first day consisted of taking a train across the island to a village called Arta, where we were met by Leah’s friend who took us hiking for the afternoon and to an old village called Capdepera where they have a medieval festival at their town’s local castle once a year. The second day Leah and I rented a car and drove through the Sierra de Tramutana to Valldemossa, Deia, Soller, Puerto de Soller and Fornalutx, this was the coolest and MOST TERRIFYING (the streets were tiny and I have never rented a car before in my adult LIFE) experience ever. Leah, being the calmer of the two of us, was selected as the driver, and so I sat passenger documenting out roadtrip from city to city the best I could. This was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in the world, and I have been extremely fortunate to have visited a lot of places in the past 23 years. And so, that’s my little intro to the many pictures that are going to follow, because truthfully there’s not much more I can say about this place, you really just have to see it. You have to.         IMG_4357   IMG_4362 IMG_4369   IMG_4409 IMG_0351 IMG_4433 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_4463 IMG_4477 IMG_4489 IMG_0410 IMG_0411 IMG_0413 IMG_4536 IMG_4607IMG_4571 IMG_4578  IMG_4582 IMG_4583 IMG_4585 IMG_4586  IMG_4595  IMG_4603  IMG_4624 IMG_4650 IMG_4656 IMG_4669   IMG_4682 IMG_4695 IMG_0504 IMG_4716 IMG_4729 IMG_4749OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_4754 IMG_4762  IMG_4782 IMG_0581 IMG_0595



One of the best adventures I’ve had… and it was right here in Spain. This country is shaping up to be one of the most diverse and fascinating places I’ve ever had the privilege of living.


Yours still terrified of renting a car,


Texting like a Spaniard

So I know we all know exactly how to text in english, what abbreviations to use and what they mean, for example:

  • one of my mom’s personal favorites is “TYSM” (thank you so much!)
  • I’ve fallen into the “lol” trap myself over the years (laugh out loud)- which infact has many laugh worthy variations, such as: lolling (laughing out loud)
  • lmao (laughing my a** off), and when you’re really laughing throw the caps lock on: “LOL”
  • “brb” (be right back), “u” for you, “r” for are, “omw” for on my way and so on

and lets not even get into what role emojis play when it come to texting (emojis BTW (by the way) span countries, nations, and boarders and yes they are obnoxiously overused here as well, like a smile, emojis are universally understood, sigh of relief for that- I just had a thought, emojis are like a new form form of sign language… wow but I digress)

Anyways, so how does texting short hand change when you change languages? My oh my this has got to be one of the funniest things I notice on a day to day basis, here are some I’ve experienced and picked up on over time:

  • “K” – que which means what or that
  • “q” – que which means what or that (both k and q are used frequently depends on the texter”
  • “xq” – porque which means because or why etc, I find this one brilliant given that in mathematics “x” signifies “by” or por
  • “finde” – fin de semana which means the weekend
  • “jajaja” – indicates laughing or “hahaha” but I can’t get over how creepy this looks to me so I tend away from it.
  • “Sip” – my friend Laura’s spanish version of Si or yes with a “yep” flare
  • “ktal” – used for ¿que tal? or what’s up
  • “pera” – used for espera or wait
  • “bs” – besos or kisses
  • “xus” – jesus just an expression
  • “x” – por
  • “xfa” – por favor or please
  • “salu2”- saludos or greetings
  • “d=” – “da igual” or doesn’t matter
  • “q risa” – what a laugh
  • “q sea” – whatever

Anyways, no matter what language you’re dealing in, abbreviations have their place. Especially when it comes to texting.

Ciao, bs!


Sevilla and Cadiz: Long Weekend

So surprise surprise, Madrid had a “puente” which means that there was a holiday on a Thursday, so they also give you Friday off, they say “Puente” which means bridge because the extra Friday off is like a “bridge” to the weekend. My friend Leah and I decided to spend our four day weekend in southern spain’s famed towns of Cadiz and Sevilla, both of which I had never visited before. Cadiz was a perfect little beach town which felt like a tight knit community. And thus, since it was a beach town, we enjoyed just that, a much welcome day on the beach as well as one of the best dinner’s I had in a while: Salmon, blue cheese, chive, leeks with balsamic olive oil as well as one of THE best cheese cake jars with berry preserves. mmm I want to go back just for that.

IMG_9693 IMG_9707 IMG_9712 IMG_9724 IMG_9784

Then we trained to Sevilla from Cadiz which took only an hour. This high speed train stuff is really awesome, I tell you. Sevilla was a dream and reminded me so much of Granada, but of course it had it’s own special charm. The architecture was unmistakably similar as well as the hospitality. Everyone was so kind and inviting. We practiced our Spanish late into the night with locals and had the best 24 hours in Sevilla a girl could ask for. As well as some pretty inventive tapas, salmorejo croquettas anyone?

IMG_3990 IMG_4011 IMG_4025 IMG_4026 IMG_4034 IMG_4054 IMG_4056 IMG_4090 IMG_9825  IMG_9884 IMG_9878 IMG_4161 IMG_4163  IMG_4181

It was a perfect weekend in Spain, we had the best time. I love to travel to other countries but there’s nothing quite like discovering the gems of my “own” country.


A Sevillana want to be,


One-Liners Courtesy of Me

Catching up on my most recent one-liners:

Feb 3rd: I can hear the Super Bowl playing through my neighbor’s paper thin walls #SomeoneExplainToMeHowThisIsFair

Feb 3rd: I wonder if they know I’m basically related to Russell Wilson since I’m a Badger #InviteMeOver

Feb 3rd: I wonder if they are drinking every time they don’t understand what the announcers are talking about #IThinkWeAllCanSympathize

Feb 3rd: No…#Badgers

Feb 3rd: All I can think about is how I should be eating buffalo chicken dip and drinking IPAS with my family #SB48

It was so weird being away from home for the first time during the Super Bowl, and not being able to watch it! I was thinking about all these things while lying in bed listening to my Spanish neighbors enjoy the festivities.

Feb 25th: Bangin’ is one of the most versatile adjective #JustSoYouKnow

It’s a good one. “That shirt is bangin!” – that shirt is cool. “This food is bangin!” This food rocks… you get the point.

Feb 25th: Blame it on the que-que-que-que-que-queso

Caved and bought queso processed cheese dip at the supermarket… made me so incredibly sick. wow never again.

March 2nd: If I cared about my hair at all right now I might be using an umbrella, but I don’t, and it’s Madrid on a Sunday so absolutely no one cares.

Rainy Sundays in Madrid are carefree.

March 3rd: I remember when everyone was like ‘hey listen to the lorde album’ and I was like ‘yeah will do’ – Well I finally did. #itsawesome

March 4th: The thought of reheated coffee is enough to make me buy another #caffeineaddict

March 4th: If you’re not listening to Eustace Scrubb by the Oh Hellos, you’re doing it wrong.

March 4th: One good thing about my broken phone speakers…I can never make the embarrassing faux pa of playing music out loud #GlassHalfFull

March 4th: Feliz Fat Tuesday you guys – I just followed my workout with a beer… so that’s productive right? #IfYouCantBeatThem…#JoinThem

March 5th: I can’t find my iPod #panicEnsue

March 15th: The more I see the world the more I realize I know nothing at all.

March 24th:Are all USA dollars green?’ ‘Yes’ ‘But they’re at least different sizes right?’ ‘No’ ‘How do you not mistake them when drunk?’ #LOL

A conversation I had with a German friend of mine.

March 24th: Lesson learned: Euros are like monopoly money to aid Europeans in their night time endeavors. 

March 24th: I will not, I repeat, I will not call it soccer #football #dailymantra #IWillLoseAllMyFriends

This is a constant struggle as the 15 year soccer player that I am.

March 24th: You guys, Germans call soccer: ‘Foozeball’… thus comes the name of the bar game #mindblown

March 24th: Europeans don’t use checks. Why are we still stuck in the 50s you guys? #CashLife

March 24th: Lately I’ve been adding ‘ito’ to the end of my friends names, it’s worked out pretty well so far.

Greatest thing ever: “Ito” for boys and “Ita” for girls. For example, a girl in one of my classes goes by Sar’ita’ because she’s the littler Sara.

March 24th: Friday I was introduced as ‘a nice Midwestern girl you bring home to mom and dad… the kind you marry’ #sayWhat?

I mean what an introduction!

March 24th: Just caught a student trying to pull the whole ‘phone up the sleeve’ thing #profeOlivia #dontPullMyOwnTricksOnMe #IWasInHighSchoolOnceToo

Sassy 15 year olds always trying to sneakily hid their phone and use it… not on my watch.

March 24th: Although I’d like nothing more than to collaborate with John Mayer on a song, It’s pretty clear that’s a relationship ender #TaySwift #KatyPerry

Thoughts while riding the metro home.

March 30th: ‘I can give you my heart but not my shot’ Overheard at the Porter House in Dublin

March 30th: Fly Ryan Air! The airline with the lowest fares and the longest taxis…ever.

Ryan Air flights land at least a 20 min taxi or more away from the airport gates… man.

April 2nd: I’m not versed in metro etiquette but standing up so fast that you seat slams into mine has got to be up there on the worst metroisms.

April 3rd: Not only have I broken the back of my phone today, I’ve gotten it fixed, that’s literally the fastest turn around I’ve ever had in Spain.

April 3rd: They should have a frequent rider miles program for the Madrid Metro cause I would have definitely earned a car by now….

April 11th: but seriously, at least be vulgar in Spanish if you must be vulgar at all, like joder tío.

April 12th: ‘Dos Cervezas por favor’ – Paco in the Mc Donald’s line cerca 5am at Madrid’s Airport… OKay Paquito, that’s one way to start spring break.

I then proceeded to order two hashbrowns, an OJ and a water, and the lady looked at ME like I was funny!!

April 12th: The security guy at the airport was like ‘hey fit your bag in there’ & I’m sitting on it…jumping on it and it’s not fitting in the bag measurer and he’s just like ‘Jesus just stop, it’s fine’.

My bag was just sliiiiightly too big to be considered hand luggage but the guy was sick of watching me jump up and down on it trying to make it smaller so he just let me go!

April 17th: Falling asleep to boats gliding past on a waterway canal in Venice #appreciatingLife

April 21st: Only 2 months and 5 days until I’m home. Just weird. Life moves so fast and so slow at the same time. How does everyone do it?

April 21st: Brandy Melville pants: “One Size does not fit Livvy”

Brandy Melville is a store here with “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” pants… WHAT?

April 22nd: How many clementines a day keep the doctor away?

April 26th: Why are clams always happy?

“Happy as a clam”…

April 28th: I’m late to work again, I will be greeted with hugs and chocolate by my principal… #Spain

I’m not really late (no worries mom), more like just on time. But still everyone here is so “No pasa Nada” about life, it’s great.

April 28th: I have one euro in 5 and 2 cent coins right now because all I want in life is a cafe con leche during my break at school.

May 6th: I was just one of those people who the metro driver RE-opened the metro doors for. Today HAS to be a good day, that never happens. #MetroMadrid

May 7th: 50 days left in Spain. Woooowwww


Until next time 🙂




My Family Visits Ital(ivv)y Part Three: Venice

Around mid-day we arrived in Venice and took on our first task of finding our arranged water taxi to our accommodations off of the Grand Canal on a side canal. “Davies?” we heard from the end of the dock, and voila, our ‘taxi’ had arrived. The sun was shining as we hopped into the taxi and ventured off down the infamous grand canal.

IMG_3622 IMG_3623 IMG_3629 IMG_3642 IMG_3643 IMG_9202 IMG_9271

Though the grand canal was entirely impressive the real fun was when we veered off the grand canal on to the side canals and got our first glimpse of the Gondoliers navigating their way through the water.

IMG_3673 IMG_3667 IMG_3665 IMG_3662 IMG_3658 IMG_3677 IMG_9236 IMG_9273

The entrance to our accommodations opened right up onto the water and upon arrival we were greeted with prosecco to toast our arrival in the beautiful Venice. Then there’s the view from our windows out onto the canal which was just breathtaking.

IMG_3695 IMG_9391IMG_9263IMG_3705IMG_9381

We quickly freshened up and headed out to walk around and catch dinner at a local gem ran by a husband and wife.

IMG_9296IMG_9371 IMG_9480    IMG_9328 IMG_9329 IMG_9331 IMG_9333 IMG_9335

The food at this place was incredible, and the chef came out to ask us how everything was, as his wife took our orders. We felt so special and taken care of.

The next day we caught a water taxi over to the Island of Murano to see the famous glass.

IMG_3731 IMG_3725 IMG_3713 IMG_3709  IMG_9396 IMG_3744 IMG_9549 IMG_3753 IMG_3765

Then for fun we took the ‘public transport’ bus boat back over to Venice.

IMG_3831 IMG_3813 IMG_3809 Public Transport is glamorous bussing back to Venice from Murano IMG_3832 Just the water 'bus' arrival and departure times IMG_3839 IMG_3848

That evening we enjoyed the famed Gondola ride in Venice, and it was every bit as worth it as they say! We specifically asked to be taken through back canals instead of taken on the very busy grand canal. We even brought along glasses and a bottle of white wine to enjoy on our gondola ride.

IMG_3863 IMG_3878 IMG_3875 IMG_3871 IMG_3869 IMG_3864 IMG_3885 IMG_9472 IMG_9478 IMG_9437 IMG_9458

That night we wandered along the sea side and headed back in to the local neighbor hoods to find a little pizzaria, which really hit the spot.   IMG_9524 IMG_3942 IMG_3944IMG_3920

The next day we stopped for a quick lunch at Hostelries de la Franz which was absolutely incredible, with service comparable to that of a Bartolotta’s Restaurant (and prices to match-keep this in mind).

IMG_9497 IMG_9515 IMG_9501 IMG_9503 IMG_9493IMG_3986 IMG_9516IMG_3978  IMG_9504

We took our last water taxi to the train station and sadly waved goodbye to the city woven between the water canals. This meant one last night in Rome, where we had one last entirely memorable meal at Al Duello

IMG_9526IMG_9527 IMG_9529 IMG_9535

Then as a final “ciao” to Italy we wandered back past the Trevi for one last view of it during the nighttime hours. And I caught a smooch between my parents, romance is alive and well in Italy folks!

IMG_9537 IMG_9546


Ciao Italia! Until next time,


My Family Visits Ital(ivv)y Part Two: Florence

Firenze we have arrived and somehow (well I have a feeling this was not at all by chance) our B & B was located right on the main square, Piazza della Signoria. So the views from our bedroom windows were those of postcards. We arrived hungry and ready for lunch so we took a few side streets to a cute local restaurant. Our waiter was all business but it was a fun experience because he was running around working so hard and we got the real feel of an authentic italian restaurant. Our meals over all I’d have to say were less seasoned than we are used to, but it was still a good start to the vacation.


After this we headed over to view the famous Ponte Vecchio lined with shops and gellato stands and bustling with tourists. We then ventured to a local irish pub and partook in happy hour, which was happy indeed. Then my darling brother in law bought maddy and I each a rose from the local florist.

Ponte Vecchio IMG_3352 IMG_3360 IMG_3374 IMG_3379 IMG_8931 IMG_8954 IMG_8982

Before we knew it, it was time to head out to dinner atil Desc0  this place was a gem where I enjoyed fresh pasta with cherry tomatoes and langostines



The next day was our highly anticipated cooking class day in Florence, the funny thing is that we chose to learn about Sicilian cooking and it turns out that our instructor was actually from Sicily. The class was four hours long and included everything from rosemary, garlic herb crusted lamb to traditional Easter cookie baskets.

IMG_9165 IMG_9020 IMG_9017   IMG_9027 IMG_9158 IMG_9161 IMG_9032 IMG_9520 IMG_9163 IMG_9067 IMG_9037 IMG_9055 IMG_9069 IMG_9072 IMG_9168 IMG_9164 IMG_9187 IMG_9189   IMG_9190 IMG_9191

After our cooking class we chose to walk back towards the city along the river and came across a sign for the Piazza de Michelangiolo. My dad had read that it was worth the hike up and so we ventured off to see what all the fuss was about. Pretty soon it was obvious that we were going to be in for a real treat as the views of the city below were peaking about the trees and proving themselves to be absolutely astonishing.

IMG_3385IMG_3390IMG_3407IMG_3431 IMG_3433 IMG_9167 happy as a clam with the BIL IMG_3456 being aRtSy IMG_3484 IMG_3480 IMG_3471 IMG_3462 IMG_3500 IMG_3548

That night after a long day of eating and walking around we decided to venture to a more casual place for dinner as I was hinting (okay no, demanding) to have pizza 🙂 None the less the pizza was up to par and it was a relaxing place to spend our last night.

IMG_9174 IMG_9176

The next day we ventured off to see the Duomo, and to wander around the side streets of Florence. One of my favorite things was seeing a lady at a window buying bread in a little alley from a fresh bakery. It felt like I had walked back in time. (the picture is below).

IMG_3560 IMG_3606 IMG_3596 IMG_3591 IMG_3587 IMG_3574 IMG_3615

Then we came across one of our favorite places in Florence All’antico Vinaio where we hopped in line and grabbed fresh sandwiches topped with different kinds of meats, cheeses, vegetables and spreads right in front of our eyes. The bread was hot and the sandwiches were exactly what we needed before heading off to Venice for the last leg of our adventure.

IMG_3616 IMG_9186


Until Venice!